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Wine Glass Assembly with Rodney Hickman


“Afternoons with Rodney”


There are times of the year to head off to a local park or one of Oregon’s favorite hidden beaches, settle onto your favorite resting blanket, spread out a nice set of delicious cheeses, and pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine in preparation for watching a beautiful sunset or set in front of a nice warm fireplace with the winters chill outside. How could this be any better?

Answer: By pouring the wine into an awesome wine glass that you assembled yourself!!


Introducing the Wine Glass Assembly Workshop Series We have put together a Series of Wine Glass Assembly Workshop. We have a series of 1 hour workshops and will have instructor hosted open torch practice sessions available right after.  During this workshop, students will learn about the tools and techniques for building a wine glass with three parts: Goblet (top), stem, and a foot (bottom).  This will be done as a demonstration while discussing the tools used, how to create a strong durable wine glass and providing useful tips.


Workshop Series:

Wine Glass Assembly 1.1 ($78) – Medium glass assembly, we will start small and get used to the tools.

Wine Glass Assembly 1.2 ($82) – Large glass assembly, this will be graduating to larger glasses and look at stability.


Each workshop will be 1 hour long and include components to assemble one wine goblet (included in the price).

The two hour open torch practice sessions ($15hr) are scheduled immediately following the workshop so students have an opportunity to purchase additional components, use the tools, and practice the techniques.



Intro to Boro class.

The series is required to be taken in order therefore 1.1 is required for 1.2.


Open Torch Practices Sessions:

The open torch practice sessions are instructor hosted, allowing students to use the tools and techniques they learned during the workshop.  The practice sessions are $15 per hour, this way students can start and end when their schedule allows.


Additional components will be available during the workshop and instructor hosted open torch practice sessions:

                Small     Medium               Large

Top        $6           $9                           $11

Foot       $6           $9                           $11



Date: July 27th

Time: 3:00pm

Materials: All tools & materials provided.

Prerequisite: Intro to Boro

Price: $78

Teacher: Rodney Hickman

2/4 minimum/maximum


Register for classes by calling 503-240-9449.











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