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Below is a list of Aquila Glass School instructors.


Don Bietschek

Creative Slumping Mold Making

Best Mix Mold Mix

Aquila Glass School


Scott Curn

Fusing & Slumping

Aquila Glass School

Aquila Art Glass


Rodney Hickman

Boro Torch Working


Judy Sleavin

Beadmaking & Torching for Fusers

Self taught glass bead maker, taught herself in a garage in New Zealand (2002) with a ‘Starter Kit’ from Arrow Springs and a couple of ‘How To’ videos.

A few years later turned her obsession with glass rods and bead making into a business, Annie Rose Ltd, Glass, Tools and Equipment for New Zealand Glass Artists. Started teaching glass bead making in 2004 and taught hundreds of New Zealanders and a handful of Australians. The Studio became very popular and had visiting New Zealand and ‘International Instructors’ sharing their beadmaking skills, including Akihiro Okama, Sarah Hornik (Israel), Kathryn Wardill (Australia), Lisa Jane Harvey (New Zealand), Peter Viesnik (New Zealand), Emily Lake (New Zealand) and others

She attended glass bead classes in the US with Kimberley Osibin, Craig Miliron, Stephanie Sersich, Corina Tettinger, Larry Brickman, Leah Fairbanks, Lewis Wilson, and many others.


Her style reflects her personality, quirky and colorful. She is a patient teacher and believes learning the fundamentals is essential to having a long happy relationship with glass.


Below is a list of visiting instructors.


Brent Graber



Sabina Boehm

Sabina Boehm’s natural talent has always drawn her to the arts. In Seattle in the mid 90’s as the Borosilicate art glass movement gained momentum, she fell into an apprenticeship. This medium has great feminine appeal and a meditative creation process that has kept her blowing for the past 9 years.



Josh Mazet

Josh Mazet received his BFA in Ceramics from the University of Oregon in 1999. After graduating he was invited into the Fine Arts Department as a resident artist. For three years he maintained a studio,  instructed the the U of ‘s wood fired ceramics class which included students and community members, and led 15 fires in the university’s Anagama Kiln.  It was during this time Josh was introduced to lampworking borosilicate. His work in ceramics gave him a understanding and comfort with flame, atmospheres, kilns, and the chemistry of glass. This compounded with the similarities of the medium, allowed for a smooth and rapid learning of a new medium.



Nancy Gant

Playing with fire! Raised by watercolor artists, Nancy learned painting and designed at a very young age. Nancy Gant is a Lampwork Artist from Eugene Oregon. Found her love for glass and has been making glass beads since 1999. She has taught Glass bead classes for several years in studios, Eugene Glass School, University of Oregon, Corner Stone, as well is part of the Glass Stock West teaching staff. Nancy is known for here Moon beads, Floral designs and all of her little Critter and Holiday beads. You can see her work on her web site




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