Journey Beads


Legacy Emanuel Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders Program.


A diagnosis of childhood cancer or other blood related diseases begins a long, emotionally and physically difficult journey into a world of treatment. While these children (and their families) are traveling through this time in their life, they are mentally recording each and every treatment they experience. I would like to introduce you to a program, which provides children and their families with another form of recording their journey --- it is called “JOURNEY BEADS”.


JOURNEY BEADS is a program that honors that journey and helps children tell their story from diagnosis through the end of treatment. It uses colorful beads as meaningful symbols of the many different aspects of their treatment path. What are the Journey Beads program goals?

• To provide a way for children to document and honor the experience of treatment.

• An opportunity for each child to tell their own unique story and record it in some tangible way.

• To help children create meaning out of the numerous procedures they must endure.

• A way for children to symbolize their disease related experiences visually, playfully and artistically.

• To provide children and parents a unique way of communicating the experience of childhood cancer or other related disease. How does Journey Beads work?

• Starting on November 27, 2001, children who receive treatment in our program, and who wish to participate, will be given a piece of chord with beads that spell their first name.

• Colored beads, each representing a different aspect of care, will be available to add to the necklace. On each unit (Infant/Toddler, School Age, Day Treatment Unit and Outpatient Clinic) the colored beads and a guide to what each bead represents are available for the families.

• Each time a child has any type of procedure, a good day, horrible day, birthday, etc., they can add a bead to their necklace!

Can Anyone Participate in the Bead Program? No!! Only children who are currently on treatment at the Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders Program can participate…. And only if they want to! Your child does not have to participate if he/she does not want to, or you can stop at any time. JOURNEY BEADS is meant to be a fun and interesting program for our families! JOURNEY BEADS HAVE FUN!!