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A Wall Sconce


Here described is how we made a wall sconce master mold.


The wall sconce out of the box

The glass from the box we will be making the draping mold from. Remember, Best Mix has a very low COE. If the radius of the drape is too sever the glass could break during cooling.

This is a stiff yet bendable piece of plastic. I think we found it at a home improvement store.

I cut the plastic 1 inch larger than the glass. This is so the draping mold will be slightly larger. If the mold is exactly the same size as the glass we would run into difficulties positioning the glass on the mold and it draping exactly right.

Making sure the plastic fits into the glass and is the right size.



Now I am hot gluing the plastic to the glass. I glue all the way around.






Gluing close-up

The back of the glued master.

The top or where Best Mix will be cast into.

The rest of the pieces. The board is to attach the project to, wooden blocks (top) are to hold the casting in place and the boards (greenish) are the caps for the ends hold the Best Mix from leaking out.

Place the wood blocks on each side to keep the casting from moving

Hot gluing the blocks to the bottom board.

Make sure the casting will be level.

I place two blobs of hot glue on each side gluing the blocks to the glass.

Place the end boards on and I use an adjustable strap to keep them on and tight.

Appling olive oil as a releasing agent.

Wiping out. No puddles.

Measuring out Best Mix.

Adding water.


More mixing.

Scooping into the casting master.

Patting and moving to move any bubbles off the surface of the mold.

Covered with plastic and wait for the next day.

Take off plastic, strap, sides.
Just before we remove the mold.
After the mold comes off.
Clean up the bottom of the mold using a putty knife by scraping.
The finished wall sconce mold.



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