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Using a Plastic Master Mold


Pour-a-Mold using a Best Master Mold


The finished Best Mix mold and Best Mix master mold. This is what we want at the end of the process.

The various tools we use to mix. Mixing bucket, scale, mold release spray, water holding container, Best Mix, master mold, plastic to cover master, scraping tool, thin nail.

Weigh the Best Mix powder for the size of mold being poured.

Measure out the Best Mix powder.

Measure out the water. Clean tap water is OK. When it is cold we use warm water.

Wipe out master mold with a clean cloth to remove any debris.

Apply mold release. We use olive oil spray. Sprays that are non-soluble in water should work.

Wipe mold release to ensure even coating and no puddles.

We use a plastic glove to hand mix. This makes clean-up easier. Best Mix is non-toxic but will dry out hands similar to cement.

Pour in the water, holding some back. Add water a little at a time until the desired consistency is found.

Mixing at least 5 minutes is required.


Mix until a handful of material will not fall through fingers. The dryer or thicker the mix the better the resulting molds.

Begin placing Best Mix in master mold either by the handful or by pouring directly into the master mold.

Pat mixture to "move" mix into the edges.

Adding more mix.

More patting.

Shake mold to settle mix and move air bubbles off surface of master mold.

Shake in all directions.

Top off to bring the level of Best Mix to just shy of the top of the master mold. More shaking.

Finished pour.

Insert thin nail or equivalent for an air hole.

Cover with plastic.  Plastic wrap from the local grocery store works well.

Let sit 15 to 24 hours. As the mold hardens, Best Mix may generate some heat. This is normal.

After 15 to 24 hours remove plastic and nail.

Carefully push out mold.

Carefully push out mold.

Carefully push out mold.

The finished mold out of the master.

Carefully clean out the air hole.

Gently scrape off bottom.

Kiln dry the mold using the recommended drying schedule.




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