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Mold Release


There are many kinds of mold releases available, from the simple vegetable spray that can be picked up at your local grocery store to the high-tech silicon sprays. The release provides a barrier between the master mold and a casting. Once the mold is dry, this barrier makes it possible to part the master and the casting.


Vegetable Oil - Available in any grocery store. Just make sure it is not water soluble. Olive Oil is my personal favorite.


Liquid PVC - Vantico's RP 802 Green Sealer is a great final sealing agent. I use this on all of my wooden master molds. The RP 802 is a PVC material. PVC is short for polyvinyl chloride. PVC in its solid form is what most of our water pipes are made of. Sprayed or brushed liquid PVC dries is a few minutes and creates a plastic barrier between the master mold and the casting. A smooth plastic barrier works really great for releasing and we still use a liquid releasing agent.








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