Mold Making



We describe here various aspects of using Best Mix and mold making.


Mixing Instructions


How to prepare Best Mix


Pouring into a Plastic Master Mold


This includes photos showing pouring into a Best Mix Master Mold

Pouring a found object


Here we describe a way to prepare your own master mold from a plate


Layering or molding over a master


This link describes how to use a dryer form of Best Mix to form or layer over a shape

Another found object A sand buckets make great wall sconce


Wall Sconce


A way to make a wall scone drape

Mold Releases

There are many mold releases available. Here we describe a few


Master Mold Materials

This link discusses different materials we have used for making master mold


Creating a Master This link describes some processes I have found to be helpful. I will write up more as I get the time and find something that works.