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Layering with Best Mix


Here we are describing a way to use Best Mix mold mix with a bowl that we found in a local variety store using a layering technique. Instead of using enough water to be able to pour Best Mix we use a much dryer form and layer and pat handfuls on the object to be "cast" over.

For layering over glass objects a "hard" release needs to be used like fast drying lacquer.


The bowl is placed on a water proof board and modeling clay is rolled out like a long worm.

Place the clay around the bottom of the bowl so water cannot seep under it and the clay will keep the bowl from moving.

Use a non-soluble vegetable oil as a mold release.

See instructions to mix up a batch of Best Mix. Use the layering instructions.

Place handfuls of Best Mix on the master and pat it into place. Here we need to move the mix in a way  that pushes the air bubbles out. If the mix runs or moves down the side of the master the mix is too wet.


More layering.

Insert nail for vent hole.

Cover with plastic to prevent moisture from escaping.




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