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A Found Object


Here we describe one way to use Best Mix mold mix with a found object from a local variety store used as a mold pattern. Any shape that is suitable to slump into can be used with Best Mix to create a slumping mold.


For glass shapes, use a "hard release" like fast drying spray lacquer to help separate Best Mix from the glass, in addition to another mold release just prior to adding the Best Mix. Best Mix seems to stick to some types of glass.


The plate is placed on a waterproof board and modeling clay is rolled out like a long worm, which will be used to “attach” the plate to the board. The plate then is anchored so it cannot move and water cannot seep under it.


Rolling out more modeling clay.

Wrap the modeling clay around the perimeter of the plate. This keeps the plate in one place and keeps water from seeping under the plate.

Create a dam around the plate to be able to cast Best mix. We used rubber base board you can find at a local hardware store.

Use hot glue in several places to hold the base board in place.

Run hot glue all the way around the base board to keep water from escaping.

Ready to apply release.

There are a variety of mold releases available. We prefer olive oil but most anything that is not water soluble should work.

See instructions to mix up a batch of Best Mix.





Begin adding Best Mix.

Shake mold to spread Best Mix. This helps reduce bubbles on the surface of the mold.

Patting to level and reduce bubbles.

More shaking.

Place a cover over the Best Mix to reduce water evaporation. The Best Mix will get warm, this is a normal process.

Find the middle and place a small nail into Best Mix to create a vent hole. It works much easier when Best Mix is wet than dry.

Poking in nail.

Let casting set up! See instructions for setup and drying schedule.



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