Best Mix FAQ


Q: I get bubbles on the surface of my mold. How can I reduce these?

A: Bubbles occur when Best Mix Mold Mix is poured into a mold and not shaken or vibrated enough to move bubbles up and off the surface of the master mold. Try an orbital sander or shake the mold hard enough to move the Best Mix in the mold. In the mean time, fill the holes with kiln wash or clay and get slumping!


Q: I added too much water. How do I fix this?

A: A little too much water is OK. If the mixture seems too soupy, then add a little more Best Mix Mold Mix and stir thoroughly.


Q: What other mold releases are there?

A: Anything that will not easily wash away with water. We have had some success with olive oil and paraffin based products. Olive oil is our favorite.


Q: There is a crackly look or "gator skin" to the surface of my mold. What causes this?

A: Some times small cracks develop on the surface of the casting. This can be caused by a variety of issues. Too much mineral content, too much shaking and the mold release stirs up with the mix, an unknown release agent, too much water or drying the casting too fast. For slumpers this is rarely an issue. Try painting with kiln wash and slump.


Q: What can I use to seal my own master molds with?

A: Epoxy, varnish (we have used a marine grade varnish, lacquer and liquid PVC (highly recommended).


Q: I get a dull look around the edges of my mold. Why is that?

A: This usually happens when there is not a water-tight seal and water leaks out during mold set up. Use a gasket or create a better seal and make another mold.