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Violin Project


This customer, David Kerr, came to us with a little different project. He runs a violin store who makes, restores and sells violins in Portland Oregon. He wanted to donated two draped fused glass violins.

So how do we do that?


Rubber mold filled with Best Mix

After pour cover with plastic. Now we wait over night to set up.

Hardened and out of the master mold. It worked! :)

Now off to kiln to dry and then to drape.

Finished glass piece. A pictures does not do this piece justice.



David created the master mold from an old violin and liquid black rubber. He fashioned a cardboard box to hold the mold and cast the violin using liquid black rubber. He brought it to us and we cast his master mold using Best Mix.

David donated the two pieces for auction to The Community Music Center in Portland Oregon and both sold.



Making a custom mold for a fused and slumped glass plate

Joseph Stoltzfus

March 19, 2007



Your mold mix is incredible. The detail that it captures is perfect. I am glad that I stumbled across your web site and I am passing around your information to the glass stores that I frequent. Thanks for a great product.
Charles L. Best,
Retired, Sort Of