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This page is for those who create their own Master Molds. Here I will try to describe the processes and things I have found that have worked. This page is to assist those who are working on making masters molds whether the artist has a found object or those who are creating a product line using the artist imagination in developing the shapes.


The local hardware store

I have found my neighborhood hardware store to be a place of ideas and a great place to just hang out.:) When I get stuck trying to solve a problem the hardware store has solved it for me several times. A couple of examples:

Plastic base board - I made a round master on my wood lathe and I had it water proofed. Now I needed a dam around the outside edges so I could cast Best Mix in it. I could not think of what to use. Making a round wooden dam was out of the question. As I wandered in the hardware store I found different widths of plastic baseboard and of different lengths. I can cut it to any length I needed. I also found straps that can be adjusted and that snap together solving my issue.


I had the unfortunate problem of dry rot in our bathroom. After replacing part of the floor I discovered I now have two different levels of floor by about 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch. (I cannot believe 3/4 flooring from 15 years ago is not 3/4 today... Sorry for the rant) So I found out that floor leveling compound is available and I made my purchase at Home Depot. After using it I thought this stuff might make a good compound making master molds. A couple of weeks later I had a request to make a slumping mold and the example had one good side and of course not the side that would make it easy. So, I used the floor leveling compound for the first cast. It came off the glass sample easily. I sanded the rough edges very nicely but it did plug up the sandpaper quickly. I them dried the casting and sealed it with fast drying spray paint. (the really cheap stuff) Then I cast Best Mix over it, let it set up and the two parted easily. The floor leveling master stayed together and seems very strong compared to plaster of paris and worked very well.








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